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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Mold Damage Cameron Park

This customer had a roof leak in the early spring due to heavy rains. She didn't notice it until several months later when she had a persistent cough that didn'... READ MORE

Commercial Fire Damage

This auto shop had a fire that was started by a hot plate. It took us four very long days, but we got that shop cleaned up and made it look like it never even h... READ MORE

Broken Pipes El Dorado County

El Dorado County is an amazing place to live and work. Milder temperatures than in Sacramento Valley means clearer air and more green. However, it also means co... READ MORE

Commercial Restoration

SERVPRO of El Dorado Hills/Placerville is equipped to handle any size loss, commercial or residential. We can help you if your home floods or your business catc... READ MORE

Flooding in Commercial Properties

This property in Shingle Springs suffered flooding during heavy spring rains. We mobilized two crews quickly to help them with their loss. This was a doctor's o... READ MORE

Weather Damage Cameron Park

Storms don't always give us a warning before they hit. Weather reporting is an inexact science, so we want you to be prepared. Hopefully, California will have a... READ MORE

Rainstorms in Mather, CA

These photos were taken from work we performed in a garage in Mather, CA. The customer had a roof leak back in January that he didn't notice until several month... READ MORE

Commercial Services

SERVPRO of El Dorado Hills/Placerville provides many different commercial services. We conduct water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, mold remediati... READ MORE

Mold El Dorado Hills

This customer's home flooded due to a busted irrigation valve outside. They didn't know the water was entering their home, but it had likely been leaking for se... READ MORE

Saramento Home with Mold

This home was vacant when the maintenance man noticed water flooding out of the home one day. The homeowners live several states away! Because SERVPRO of El Dor... READ MORE

Mold in Pollock Pines

This home in Pollock Pines experienced a leak that the customers did not see. They didn't use part of the home often since their children had moved out. They di... READ MORE

Toilet Supply Line Rescue, CA

This home in Rescue is a second home for the owners. They were gone for a few months and when they returned, this is what they saw. We received the call at 11pm... READ MORE

Soot Pollock Pines

House fires can be devastating even when the whole home doesn't burn down. SERVPRO will get you back in your home and on your feet in no time. We are faster to ... READ MORE

Fire Damage El Dorado Hills

These photos were obtained from a customer in El Dorado Hills who had a house fire. When we arrived, his home was torn apart from the fire department. We elimin... READ MORE

Toilet Supply Line Cameron Park

This poor customer't toilet supply line broke in her upstairs bathroom while she was at work. The water flooded over half of her home, downstairs and upstairs. ... READ MORE

Building Services

SERVPRO of El Dorado Hills/Placerville offers multiple services to commercial buildings in El Dorado County. Not only are we fully capable of responding faster ... READ MORE

El Dorado Hills Cleaning

SERVPRO of El Dorado Hills/Placerville provides many services in El Dorado County. We are well known for water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, and ... READ MORE

Commercial Cleaning Placerville

SERVPRO of El Dorado Hills/Placerville is equipped to handle any job, large or small. These photos depict a building that was on Main Street in Placerville, CA ... READ MORE

Rodent Problem

SERVPRO of El Dorado Hills/Placerville handles every kind of emergency. This set of photos depicts an attic in Placerville where the homeowner discovered a rode... READ MORE

Grease Build Up

This particular restaurant hadn't been thoroughly cleaned for several years. As evidenced by the picture on the left, the grease buildup next to the cooking are... READ MORE

Restaurant Deep Cleaning

This restaurant needed a thorough cleaning. If you are considering a deep clean for a restaurant or home, we have the experience and expertise to help you. This... READ MORE

Weighted Extraction in El Dorado Hills

Water extraction is crucial part of water damage restoration. This home was a single story home on concrete. We used a weighted extractor. This machine removes ... READ MORE

Cigarette Smoke

If you look carefully at the before photo, you will notice two squares where we cleaned the walls with a dry sponge. The yellow color of the walls is the nicoti... READ MORE

Red, Red Wine El Dorado Hills

Red wine is one of the toughest stains to get out. Immediate action in required. This situation arose from a pantry shelf that fell and dropped many bottles of ... READ MORE

Cracked Bathtub in Cameron Park, CA

The picture on the left is from a small crack in a bathtub on a second floor. The water drained down into the ceiling and wall below and caused a big problem! T... READ MORE

Butte Fire Restoration

Window air conditioning units can get very dirty. They filter the air. The before photo shows the filter. The after photo shows how clean we got the filter and ... READ MORE

Butte Fire Cleaning

This bathroom floor was affected by many years of dust and dirt. We were called to clean the home of the soot and fire damage, but we wanted to give the owners ... READ MORE

Soot Damage Butte Fire

This light fixture was installed in the home during the recent Butte Fire. While they were very lucky to still have their home, it was covered in soot. The befo... READ MORE

Refrigerator Leak in Somerset, CA

This kitchen in Somerset was the result of a leaky refrigerator. While, on the surface, there does not appear to be much damage, underneath was concerning. Lami... READ MORE

Placerville Fire & Smoke Damage

This studio home had a fire that started because of a wood burning stove. Thankfully, the residents were not hurt, and managed to take a few important belonging... READ MORE

Carmichael Fire

This fire occurred in the city of Carmichael. An apartment unit caught fire and affected the neighboring unit as well. When we initially walked into this loss, ... READ MORE

Mold in Jackson

Here we have a commercial kitchen located in Jackson. SERVPRO of El Dorado Hills/Placerville was in the middle of a deep cleaning for this restaurant after the ... READ MORE

Moldy Messes in El Dorado Hills

The photos you see here are due to a toilet supply line that busted. Unfortunately, it made its way past the bathroom and into the kitchen, causing a moldy mess... READ MORE

Placerville Main Street Flood

Historic Downtown Placerville Main Street flooded back in February of 2017, and SERVPRO of El Dorado Hills/Placerville was the first to arrive on scene with tec... READ MORE

Water Damage in Woodland

On a hot Friday evening, SERVPRO of El Dorado Hills/Placerville received a phone call from an apartment complex that was experiencing an emergency flood situati... READ MORE

Rainy Days in Jackson

Late one Saturday afternoon during a heavy downpour, SERVPRO of El Dorado Hills/Placerville received an emergency phone call. A medical office located in Jackso... READ MORE

Spooky Water Damage in Fairfield

On Halloween night, SERVPRO of El Dorado Hills/Placerville was called out to an emergency job in Fairfield because a large gym had a sewage backup in the men's ... READ MORE

Cameron Park Water Damage

This two unit office building suffered a flood in the middle of the night, and when the owner came into work the next morning, he found 2 inches of standing wat... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Placerville

The rain storms we experienced this last winter were not taken lightly by anyone. We had numerous customers calling us every day because they were experiencing ... READ MORE

Stove Fire in Sacramento

SERVPRO of El Dorado Hills/Placerville was called out to a kitchen fire this week in Sacramento. The homeowner was cooking on the stove, and accidently walked a... READ MORE

Chimney Fire in El Dorado Hills

On a warm Spring morning, SERVPRO of El Dorado Hills/Placerville was called out to a residential chimney fire in El Dorado Hills. Thankfully, the family was not... READ MORE

Water Damage Resulting in Mold in El Dorado Hills

This beautiful 12,000 square foot home in El Dorado Hills had a flood in the basement and crawl space. Fortunately, the homeowner heard of our company, and call... READ MORE

Mold in Pollock Pines

Roof leaks have been more and more common this past winter season than we've ever seen before. SERVPRO of El Dorado Hills/Placerville works for real estate agen... READ MORE

Water Damage in Cameron Park

Here we have a roof leak that looks like it's been going on for a while. It hasn't burst because of the latex paint on the ceiling - latex paint is very strong ... READ MORE

Granite Bay Mold

Like we've mentioned before, we are seeing a TON of mold growth around Northern California! The winter rain really set in by creeping through our crawlspaces an... READ MORE

Mold in Amador County

Mold can come in all shapes, sizes, and color. That not even being the extent of it! Here you can see the mold growing on the walls, carpet, and window as a res... READ MORE

Early Spring Storm Damage

This winter, although not as wet as our last, has brought to our attention some very interesting jobs. SERVPRO of El Dorado Hills/Placerville gets a call about ... READ MORE

Infrared Camera in Commercial Flood

As you can see, this tool called the "Flir" is SERVPRO of El Dorado Hills/Placerville's FAVORITE tool under our belt! When water damage occurs, you can count on... READ MORE

Hazardous Septic Backup

This customer in Pollock Pines had a septic backup that flooded the backyard. They were concerned for their own health and the health of the neighborhood cats t... READ MORE

Roof Leak in Sacramento

This customer was referred to us by his insurance company. He had filed an insurance claim when he noticed the staining on his ceiling. We determined that it wa... READ MORE

Water Heater Leak in El Dorado Hills

This customer in El Dorado Hills was informed by his tenant that they had a leak in the hot water heater. When he went to inspect, the damage was much greater t... READ MORE

Check your furnace!

Elderly homeowners can be some of the most heavily affected after fire damage. This couple suffered through trying to clean their home and contents after a furn... READ MORE

SERVPRO of El Dorado Hills Cares

Our customers are our lifeblood. The majority of our customers come to us as referrals from their insurance company, their insurance agent, or their family or f... READ MORE


This property had a mis-installed HVAC unit. The tenants didn’t know it was leaking until the ceiling collapsed during the first major storm of the year. ... READ MORE

SERVPRO of El Dorado Hills goes the extra mile

This customer in El Dorado Hills noticed a strange substance coming out of an electrical outlet on the wall. We removed all of the drywall to find that the subs... READ MORE


Archived Before & After Photos